Did You Get This Email In Your School Inboxes?

The following is showing up in actual teacher email boxes linked to their school email addresses. It is from Carolina Teachers Alliance recently profiled in the News & Observer:

Conservative activists have formed a new statewide teachers association that they want to become an alternative to the North Carolina Association of Educators.

The Carolina Teachers Alliance was launched this week with what organizers say is the goal of empowering educators “to provide the highest quality, unbiased and achievement-driven education to all children.”

No description available.

CTA also seems to have the support from the new Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson – at least according to that News & Observer report

Truitt has not hidden her dislike of NCAE. Nor has Robinson.

So how did this new organization that seems to be bent on becoming the alter-ego of NCAE be able to send their politically charged and obviously biased viewpoints to public school email accounts? Would the fact that two people who are publicly linked with this group be two of the people holding a couple of the highest state offices?

Reminds one of the time teachers received an email from iStation in their work inboxes during the fracas of Mark Johnson’s bid to make sure that it was the lone provider of reading assessments. We still do not know how they got a hold of the email list.


But before CTA claims to represent an “unbiased” view of curriculum, it might be worth looking at the political activism of the people who put it together. Affiliations with Team AWake, Liberty First (Tea Party), and overt adulation for former president Donald Trump.

No agenda there.

None at all.