A Bill That “Criminalizes Teaching Authentic History.” This Could Be NC.

Chris Dier is the 2020 LA Teacher of the Year and was a finalist for the National TOY. In this op-ed, Dier (a world history and AP Human Geography teacher) comments on the potentially devastating effects of a bill introduced in the Louisiana House of Representatives that seeks to dictate how history is taught.

Take a look at this abstract.

That bill referred to is here. And it presents making sure that the following concepts like this are taught “correctly”:

Dier is describing and warning people in his state of the same thing that is happening in North Carolina even if it is not as overt in certain situations.

When teachers are being told by politicians who are not subject experts about how teachers should encounter history so that an agenda becomes more important than teaching facts, then there is a major problem.

And that problem is rooted in ignorance, pride, and a fear that the truth of what has happened and is happening in our world may have to force people to make a choice: a choice to courageously examine and reflect and possibly change.