Sen. Berger’s Meager Teacher Raise Explained In Chic-Fil-A Terms

Finally, the North Carolina General Assembly released its new budget proposal.

Well, Sen. Phil Berger released his new budget proposal.

Details of that budget can be seen here.

Proposed teacher salary schedules are explained on pages 56, 57 and 58.

Two tables appear that show the “raises” Sen. Berger and his party are offering in a year that has a large surplus in revenue.

Remember that teachers are currently on this salary schedule.

Supplements to that schedule usually reside along these lines:

Remember that teachers entering profession after 2014 can no longer get an “M” license or any pay for graduate degree obtainment. NBPTS certification is a rigorous process that teachers can still get, but the teachers must pay for their own obtainment. NC used to do that in the past.


Here is the proposed 2021-2022 schedule.

It’s an increase or $9-$13 dollars per month for ten month installments. That’s $90-$130 dollars per year.

Here is the proposed 2022-2023 schedule.

It’s an increase or $9-$13 dollars per month for ten month installments from the 2021-2022 proposed budget.

Here is a table that shows that “progression” in income.

While chain fast-food restaurants will have varying prices depending on the location and municipality it resides, here in the greater Winston-Salem area, a 12-piece nugget combo meal with large fries and a large drink usually costs in the area of $9 – give or take a few cents. But for this argument, let’s say it is $9.

Here’s what that “pay raise” will get a teacher in terms of this combo’s value, if the prices for it stay the same in the next couple of years.

Now, consider that there will be inflation in the next couple of years.

There will be some people who will argue that the proposed tax cuts for state income tax will benefit teachers as much as anyone else. And to a certain extent, that is true. But it also comes at a time when the state is looking to abolish all state corporate taxes and that will hurt how schools are funded.

The reality there is that more teachers will have to spend out of their pockets for supplies and that counties and municipalities will have to raise their taxes to make sure that state mandates are met.

Oh, and there is shortage of ranch sauce at many Chic-Fil-A restaurants.

Lots of people like that ranch for their nuggets and waffle fries.

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