From Common Core To CRT: 18 Months Of Educational Reform Straw Men

Peter Greene, a teacher/writer who writes both a highly regarded blog Curmudgucation and regular column for, had a very good post this past week.

It was not long ago that we had a state superintendent who used that kind of boogeyman to help his political career. Remember this?


Mark Johnson ran on a platform last year to rid the state of Common Core.

Remember this as well? Mark Johnson wasn’t the only one to hang a hat on this.


Then we had the rise of “Cancel Culture.”

And now there is the outrage of CRT – Critical Race Theory.

All of these affect perceptions of schools. If you go back to 1983 and the first Reagan administration, a report appeared that many agree started the craze in educational reform through the means of constructing straw man fallacies to control the public narrative on how schools are perceived.

What 'A Nation At Risk' Got Wrong, And Right, About U.S. Schools : NPR Ed :  NPR

Then came the rise of vouchers and charter schools.

Then we got No Child Left Behind which began a heavy diet of standardized tests.

Race to the Top did not help. No political party is immune from hurting public education.

As these “reforms” and calls to “rid” our schools of “extreme” ideas, curriculum has become more prescribed, more scripted, and more controlled by the very people who are crying for more reform. The screams to remove common core, defeat the deep state, stop cancel culture, and stop a theory (that was developed decades ago and taught in law schools) from being “used” in public schools come as teachers are more than ever bound by mandates and policies.

It could get even more extreme as Florida has shown.

And North Carolina loves to emulate Florida in many things.

Just look at the school performance grades and Read to Achieve.