Pleading The “Filth”: This Man Sits On The State School Board

Those words were spoken by Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson this past summer talking at Asbury Baptist Church.

You can read more about this newly uncovered controversy surrounding Robinson here.
But this behavior is not new to Robinson. He has had multiple social media posts that display his homophobic and transphobic stances.

He sits on the State Board of Education and has been very vocal about what the curriculum especially social studies curriculum should and should not include.

He also has been the leader of a sham task force (F.A.C.T.S.) put together to carry out witch hunts on teachers who supposedly are indoctrinating students based on slanted hearsay and suspent circumstantial evidence.

He is the embodiment of what a teacher in our public schools should never be. Yet, he carries the power to waste taxpayer money to “indoctrinate” others on what he thinks “filth” is.

The pertinent segment of the video of Robinson’s speech can be seen here.

One thought on “Pleading The “Filth”: This Man Sits On The State School Board

  1. I read the task force report then contacted a member of it to see how many of the 270 submissions that actually dealt with “indoctrination” had been investigated and confirmed. The answer was, “None.” The task force contacted the submitter, when possible, for additional information. Then, they reviewed them to see if they felt they were examples of indoctrination. They divided them into what they considered six categories of indoctrination. All submissions were deemed to be true and the Lt. Governor reported that NC teachers are abusing their positions to indoctrinate their students. Before the task force began gathering submissions, long before their report was issued, Sen. Berger said that it was proof of indoctrination by NC public schools and required the passage of HB 324. Thankfully, Gov. Cooper vetoed the bill when it arrived on his desk.


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