North Carolina (General Assembly) Gets An “F” For This

It concerns public school funding.

NC Policy Watch posted a piece concerning findings from the Education Law Center that measured and graded every state’s commitment to funding its public school system.

Kris Nordstrom stated that the three most important measures used by the report were as follows:

  1. Funding level: Per-pupil revenue from state and local sources, adjusted for regional differences in labor costs
  2. Funding distribution: The extent to which additional funds are distributed to school districts with high levels of student poverty
  3. Funding effort: Funding allocated to support PK-12 public education as a percentage of the state’s GDP

Nordstrom is a senior policy analyst and his understanding of budgets and how public services are affected by funding levels set by government is unmatched.

The actual report can be found here. You can download a copy for yourself.

We are fifth from the bottom.

In this one, we are third from the bottom.