Every Educator Resignation Letter Should Be Read By –

… the State Superintendent, Catherine Truitt. Out loud.

The same person who sat on stage with then Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and Sen. Phil Berger and a nurse in September of 2020 where the message was about how “steel” immune systems and that there was no science to back up the need to shut down school buildings in the height of a pandemic that had no vaccine.

The same person who on a Fox News interview quantified all of the learning loss that had occurred by November of 2020.

The same person who is not fighting for implementing the LEANDRO court decision.

The same person who received maximum campaign donations from the people who control SAS and EVAAS as well as backing from people in ALEC and other privatizers.

The same person who told some teachers speaking out about conditions in schools to “get over the bellyaching.”

The same person who just gave incredible raises to people in DPI while teachers and other educators are operating in a stste public system that is governed by the a legislative body that has intentionally not passed a budget in years.

She should read every one of them, make a list of the reasons given for leaving education, publish that list, and then maybe try and answer for their grievances.