“Rogue Judge” Rules For Public Schools. Thing Is, He’s Not Rogue; He’s Right.

Just came in today:

Superior Court Judge David Lee on Wednesday ordered state finance executives to move $1.7 billion in unused funds to education agencies, bypassing the North Carolina General Assembly.

Of course, Berger and Moore will not stand for such decisions as it goes against their agenda. From a new post from the News & Observer:

Moore and Berger have made sure that a new budget not be passed for three years. And they have screamed about “judicial advocacy” for years as their maps for districting and calls for voter ID laws have repeatedly met with defeat in the courts.

Also, noteworthy is the mention of Dale Folwell who should be very aware of the financial situation that the public school are in.

Yes, the NC GOP will fight this move. It’s what Berger and Moore decree. But they have always fought against funding public education while attacking teachers and crowing about false issues such as CRT and indoctrination all while trying to eliminate corporate taxes in NC.

If you are in a rural county, you should totally support what Judge Lee has done with this LEANDRO funding decision. Folwell has already hinted at having localities foot more of the bill for public services and that rainy-day surplus was built on the backs of working citizens and not corporations.