No Student Should Ever Be Called “What the cows leave behind” – About Our Lt. Gov. & NC’s Voucher System

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is on the State Board of Education.

He launched an initiative that is nothing more than a witch hunt against teachers that he disguised as a battle against “indoctrination.”

And he says really repugnant things about gay people.

That statement was made while speaking from the pulpit of Berean Baptists Church in Winston-Salem during the church service a couple of Sundays ago.

The highest ranking GOP official in the state who has power over the state public school system and wants to run for the highest office in the state that directly controls the funding of said school system just described some of the students serviced by that school system as cow sh^&.

The church in which he made those specific comments also houses its own private school.

According to that site, the school has 37 students.

According to, the school has 17 students who pay less than $3,000 in tuition.

This site claims that there are 17 students. claims that there are only 15 students.

And it has received state funds in the form of vouchers (Opportunity Scholarships).

The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority maintains a public site to track what schools receive what monies in the form of tax-payer funded vouchers.

In the 2021-2022 school year, Berean Baptist’s Christian School received over $35,000 in monies.

In the 2020-2021 school year, 11 students were awarded Opportunity scholarships.

11 students in a school that has 37 or 17 or 15 students, the percentage of students receiving the state-sponsored voucher to go to a school run by a church that lauds the views of a man like Robinson is more than disconcerting.

In short Robinson has proven to be a person who should never be governor in a state whose voucher system needs a tremendous amount of oversight it currently does not have.