Dear Mr. Lt. Gov. & State School Board Member Who Hunts For Fake Indoctrinating Witches, Are You Still Speaking At The NRA Convention Today?

Literally days after the horrific Uvalde, TX school massacre, the NRA is holding its annual convention right down the road in Houston. And while some noted speakers have cancelled in-person appearances, others have not. That includes former president Trump, Sen. “Schools Should Only Have One Door” Ted Cruz, and …

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.

By all accounts, Robinson is still scheduled to speak in-person to the convention attendees.


Makes one wonder if the man who said the following words this past year talking at Berean Baptist Church will offer any concrete ideas as to how to stop more school shootings.

It would make sense that the man who has given so much pomp and energy to root out exactly ZERO teachers for indoctrination would at least offer something to help make sure that this kind of massacre does not happen in any public school.

Of course in the promotional material for the convention, there must be some biographical information about our LT. Gov. and possibly a picture to give attendees a visual. Maybe he supplied his own portrait.

Like this one?