When NC’s Walking Contradiction Of A Lt. Gov. Actually Proves We Need To Teach As Much Science And Social Studies As Possible (Even In Elementary School)

He’s writing a memoir. Not sure what history he thinks he has made in public service.

He hasn’t completed a single term in office, created polarizing initiatives such as the indoctrination police in public schools, and spent more time on paid speaking engagements than most seasoned politicians.

Yet a recent report from WRAL.com about an upcoming memoir from the current Lt, Gov. is one of the best portraits of a hypocritical walking contradiction – one that actually is proving why we need to invest more in public education for the sake of our kids and future generations.

And he makes some really interesting comments:

So much for getting students interested in STEM especially in this ever-changing economy. Even more cringe-worthy is that he is sitting in an office in the Triangle – Raleigh specifically – which is right next to RESEARCH Triangle Park, one of the most important hubs of technology in the country.

Yep. The man without the science degree who hasn’t looked at the history of this very important topic beyond his partisan lenses makes an uneducated claim that global warming is “junk science.” When well over 95% of the world’s experts are adamantly united that it is not junk science, Robinson goes further and claims that most North Carolinians “know that global warming is junk.

Before the Supreme Court made its recent decision on the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade, the number one issue for Gen Z voters was climate change. Now throw in the added motivation of reproductive rights (and Robinson seems to know a things or two about those), and you have a really galvanized portion of the population that will more than happily let Robinson know how out of touch he is with “most people in North Carolina.”

This is what he said about the State Department of Education.

Talk about the need to study history in all grades.

When is the last time our legislature has gone to a local school board or school system for answers and concerns?

Robinson sure as hell has not. He set up a task force to “rat them out” on vague accusations of indoctrination. We even have in my school system a candidate for school board who is touting his endorsement.

And that “one entity” thing? A government official who says that one entity needs all of the power? To “expect to influence the way education is done?”

It’s about checks and balances. Like the one set up in a constitution.

Learned in a social studies class.

So, Robinson wants to continue a way for taxpayer money to fund three different school systems in this state – traditional, charters, and private schools (vouchers)?

Interestingly, this is a place where that need for “one entity” does not apply to Robinson’s selective reasoning.

But what is more disturbing is that blurb about public schools could become “a thing of the past.”

Our state constitution stipulates that North Carolina provides a free quality education for the public. Sadly ironic that a man wanting to be the top ranked official to defend that state constitution seems to be happily resigned to let public schools become a “thing of that past.”

You mean returned to parents and guardians who all have the time, money, and resources to allow the student to stay home and be educated on behavior?

For a man who thinks he knows how most people in the state feel about global warming, he sure doesn’t know the average family’s economic needs.

And does he stipulate what the curriculum for teaching a child proper behavior because his words about a woman’s role in marriage and society tell this parent whose own daughter is studying science at a state university that he is not qualified.

In a state that has the worst unemployment benefits in the nation, never extended Medicare when the federal government would finance it, and has the lowest federally allowed minimum wage, Robinson is not only proving he is ignorant, but painfully uneducated.

And he wants to control public education.

In some psychology class in a public university, that statement will be used to define a man who can’t stand to be around a woman who refuses to submit to a man.

Remember this?

After the Senate session, Robinson caught up with Mayfield outside the chamber and told her, “Next time, before you get ready to say something on that floor, come see me.” He then walked away quickly and didn’t respond to questions from startled onlookers.

And then there’s that myth that teachers are “grooming” students.

I am a teacher. I have never told a student, “Oh, you’re gay.” And the last I looked, schools don’t hold gay pride parades.

Wonder if Robinson understands the impact of generational wealth?

Maybe he didn’t get enough social studies classes?

Wonder what Robinson would say about this?

Nothing systemic there, right?