Dear Former Teachers At DPI “Championing” The New Licensure / Pay Proposal: If You Were Still In The Classroom…

… would you really support it?

Do you believe that it would really help recruit and retain a teaching force in a state that already is experiencing a record number of vacancies?

According to the latest draft of the proposal there are five different levels a teacher could qualify for: Apprentice, License I, License II, License III, and License IV. Those have attached to them the salaries of:

If you are a former teacher at DPI openly championing this licensure / pay proposal, then you must have been an exemplary educator – maybe even an “expert” teacher. Look at the requirements to maintain the License IV Expert Teacher license.

You want to go through student surveys?

Do you think you could get “Distinguished” on all NCEES Standards?

You sure your EVAAS scores would always exceed growth in a state that values achievement over growth in its school report cards.

Do you think that every administrator can look at the tool to measure teacher effectiveness and see the qualifications for “Proficient” and “Accomplished? and ” Distinguished” in the exact same way? Do you think that a teacher in NC can be labeled “Distinguished” on a consistent basis and it not have anything to do with being compared with other teachers therefore making this model based more on competition than collaboration?

Do you think that the absence of NBCT status on this proposal would rankle any teachers in North Carolina who have achieved that status? North Carolina has more national certified teachers than any other state. Where would that designation place a teacher on this stratosphere of levels?

And now look closely at some of the numbers that many of you at DPI claim are achievable as far as salary is concerned in this new proposal. Then compare it to the salary schedule for teachers now (and remember that this new proposal does not take into account graduate degree pay and NBCT status, so you can’t use those numbers). Do you honestly think that this NC General Assembly would be willing to fund those salaries if it was not even remotely based on merit pay and the ways to measure merit are really nebulous at best?

You’re talking about an NCGA that won’t even acknowledge the LEANDRO court decision.

Hell, DPI won’t even acknowledge it.

And you work for them.

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  1. I have maintained since the early ’80’s that these sorts of ploys from the state exist for one simple reason: They are tools developed by those in league with a Republican dominated legislature to tamp down teacher salaries, not expand them.


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