$100,704. That’s My Teacher Tax. Find Out Yours Here.

It’s called NCTeachertax.com.

And it’s a powerful tool to show how much money teachers have lost since salary schedules have been “amended” since the Great Recession. Public school advocate John deVille describes it best:

As a veteran teacher in NC who entered the profession last century, I put in my information and asked the program to calculate based on money lost since the 2007-2008 salary schedule.

Because graduate degree pay has been removed for teachers beginning in 2014 and after, the program does not account for graduate degree pay for veterans. BUT the “tax” would actually be higher as the salary schedule for graduate degree pay that would be in place would show higher losses for those teachers.

The same for NBCTs.

This is just looking at bachelor degree pay.

The longer I am in the profession, the more I am “taxed” for my work. The red is growing by the year. There is no green.

Put into real numbers:

Since 2008 – OVER 100,000 dollars.

One thought on “$100,704. That’s My Teacher Tax. Find Out Yours Here.

  1. GREAT JOB and Thank You for exposing this. You can add about HALF a MILLION DOLLARS to the 100K, if you include the pension losses because pay did not kept up with inflation. Currently, pensions are down about 40% since 2008. I am 30 year Veteran and when I plug in my actuarial data (27 years of retirement till death) with a loss of about 20K per year..it’s over 500K (just in pension).


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