Sounds About White (& Male) – Expanding Vouchers In NC

According to the last census, North Carolina’s population is 48.9% male and 51.1% female.

61.9% of the state’s population is white. 38.1% is not white.

Consider the twin bills in the North Carolina General Assembly to expand vouchers for any income level.

Every GOP member in each chamber (except one in the house) signed on to “sponsor” those bills.

Here are the profiles of those in the senate who signed on to sponsor their version.

See any commonalities besides really nice hair styles?

100% white.

Of the 102 GOP members in the NC House who signed to sponsor the bill, all but one were white.

Of all the sponsors in expanding vouchers to all North Carolinians in which those who already have the money to send students to private schools will benefit the most, over 99% are white and nearly 90% are male.

Sounds about white.