There Is No Place For NIL In High Schools

From today:

High schools already deal with enough administrative bureaucracy, but this literally makes the job of every school, athletic director, coach, administrator, and teacher that much harder.

And it takes the “sport” out of high school sports.

Playing a sport in high school is not the primary focus of the student-athlete. That’s why they are not called athlete-students.

Student-athletes represent their schools and their communities, but what this cowardly act by the NCHSAA is doing is opening the gates for individual profit to be the driving motivating force in high school sports. The ramifications of such a policy cannot even be imagined fully and we are dealing with minors, not professional athletes or college athletes.

The NCHSAA knows that school personnel do not get paid enough, but now it is making it even harder for schools to facilitate sport teams in an honest and genuine.

Money will now have the ability to dictate which athletes may go to certain schools. Recruitment will hit levels never seen before.

Profit will erode integrity.