I’m Getting a $200/Year Raise. She’s Getting A $20,000/Year Raise. And I Have To Buy A Lot Of My Classroom Supplies.

I am a veteran teacher in that 15-24 year range of the salary scale.

The scale that freezes my salary for ten years.

I taught through the pandemic while others criticized what I and my fellow educators did.

That interview took place on Nov. 22nd of 2020. Click here for the link

I and many others have been fighting for the NC General Assembly to fulfill the funding obligations according to the LEANDRO decision.

Others who have power will not even acknowledge it.

And in the new NC Senate budget, I am slated to get a $200 a year raise.

Kim Mackey, a teacher / advocate, put together this table on her Educated Policy blog and social media outreach that compares the budget proposals of the House, Senate, and the Governor’s Office with the current salary schedule and the one from 2007-2008 when adjusted for inflation and adds longevity pay WHICH ALSO WAS TAKEN FROM TEACHERS IN 2014.

The same budget gives the State Superintendent Catherine Truitt a raise as well.

Just not $200 a year. Actually much more.

Her raise will be over $22,000 a year for the next two years.