That Tweet From The NC GOP & Trump’s Lapel Pin – Nonfiction Meets Fiction

It was very disappointing to see that the NC GOP party forgot to take both the time and effort to investigate how what it says can be shameful and embarrassing to all people in North Carolina.

But it is not surprising. If one just reminisces about the lack of thought and debate in passing laws like HB2, then it really makes sense. Furthermore, in trying to help sway the state’s electorate to vote for Donald Trump, it would make sense to use Trump’s favorite medium – Twitter.

This particular incident occurred Wednesday night of the Democratic National Convention. Tim Kaine was on stage. He just accepted the nomination for vice-president for the Democratic Party for the 2016 election. It is his moment. And then our state GOP tweets this:


It has since been deleted. But if the image is too small it states, “@timkaine wears a Honduras flag pin on his jacket but no American flag. Shameful. #DemConvention (liberty bell icon) # DemsinPhilly (donkey icon) #ncpol”.

Ben Amey, a reporter for WNYT, then tweeted to show the error of the NC GOP’s assumption.


The Greensboro News & Record ran the following report from the AP concerning the matter.

Republicans from North Carolina have apologized to Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine for mistakenly critiquing him for wearing a foreign flag during his acceptance speech.

The state GOP sent out a tweet Wednesday night saying it was “shameful” for Kaine to wear a Honduras flag during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Kaine spent a year in Honduras as a missionary. But Ben Amey, a reporter for WNYT-TV in Albany, New York, pointed out on Twitter that Kaine’s pin was actually the symbol for families with a member serving in the military.

Kaine’s son, a Marine, is currently deployed.

Amey posted a screen grab of the party’s original tweet, which the GOP has since deleted. Also on Twitter, the party thanked Amey for “letting us correct our mistake” (

Shameful. Especially coming from the most “military friendly” state in the nation. The man is wearing a pin that commemorates service done by troops and the families who support them.

Furthermore, this comes on the heels of Trump’s suggestion that Russia hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails and see if they could find the 30K deleted emails that supposedly have secret information.


I got interested in lapels. We love our politicians to wear lapel pins. They need to be patriotic. They need to be American in nature.

Here’s Obama. Rockin the ‘Merican Flag.


Here’s Romney – doing the same.


Here’s Sarah Palin. Doing whatever she does.


Here’s Chris Christie. That’s Jersey Baby!


Then I looked for Trump and an instance where he wore a lapel pin. And I found this one.


Look closely. It’s not American. It’s not Honduran. It’s not even from Alaska. It’s from…


Russia! But look closer! It has something else. A picture. It’s…


Putin! It’s a lapel pin from “Russia With Love!” And a bear!

Actually, all of that is not true. The Trump lapel pin, that is.

I was just drawing a quick conclusion based on assumptions and preconceived notions drawn on partisan ideologies.

Or was I being what Trump claimed when he explained away his invitation for Russia to hack U.S. mainframes? Sure.

“Of course I’m being sarcastic.”