Stuart Egan: What if Businesses Were Run Like Schools?

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In an amusing tour de force, NBCT teacher Stuart Egan (in North Carolina) poses the question, what if businesses were run like public schools?

No business leader could function under the same conditions.

Comparing schools to businesses isn’t like comparing apples to oranges, it’s like comparing apples to rocks.

For example:

“Be prepared to open up every book and have everything audited. If you are a public school, then every cent, every resource, and every line item is open to scrutiny by a variety of inspectors. Be prepared to be constantly audited and have those findings be available and open to interpretation to people outside of your business, even when those people may not know how your business operates.

“Be prepared to publicize all of the salaries of the people who work for you. ALL OF THEM. Furthermore, there would no negotiating on salaries. In fact they are all…

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One thought on “Stuart Egan: What if Businesses Were Run Like Schools?

  1. To tell the truth, over the past decade the more I read the comic strip DILBERT, the more I feel that public schools (at least those which are low-income and minority-student filled) are being pushed into the top-down insanity of the corporate business world rather than the other way around…. 🙂


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