Maximus Decimus Meridias Trump – “Are You Not Entertained?”

The first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at Hofstra University proved to be more than a ratings sweep for the three major networks and news channels.

To be exact, I mean “semi-exact,” it was pure entertainment.

And a fantastic study of body language.

You can watch the debate over again and decide for yourself, but I would suggest watching it again  without volume. You will see just how loud body language can be because it speaks volumes.

Just take a look at the following pictures.

These are just pictures. Imagine them occurring in real time.

To see both candidates on the screen simultaneously with the use of a split screen is a fantastic perspective. It allows you to see how another person is reacting to another’s words.

And yes, I understand that I am not even showing Hillary Clinton. That’s because there was not much of a focus on her after people were picking up on the sniffing, parched, and histrionic Trump. What he was doing when he wasn’t speaking was just as entertaining as listening to him talk.

Ironically, he looked and acted the same way as he did when he was on his NBC show, The Apprentice.

Thank you Maximus Decimus Meridias Trump. I was thoroughly entertained.