Why Pat McCrory Has Already “Lost” This Election

If the current numbers pan out, Pat McCrory will be a one-term governor. But more glaringly apparent is that his defeat came in a year of another GOP wave of victory in the nation.

If the numbers are correct, over 60,000 people in North Carolina who voted for Donald Trump as POTUS DID NOT CAST A VOTE for Pat McCrory.

Currently, Roy Cooper is approximately five thousand votes ahead before canvasing and provisionary vote counts establish a clear winner. Even if by a stroke of demonic luck the results are overturned, Pat McCrory has already been dealt a stunning blow to his credibility.

To not be reelected as a republican governor in a state that sided with Trump and Burr with relative ease is stunning, but McCrory’s reelection bid was actually doomed way before the fiasco of HB2 ever started.

McCrory actually began to get unelected from day one of his administration as he became a rubber stamp for the GOP majority. The former moderate republican mayor of Charlotte who was elected to four terms by the Queen City morphed overnight into a cheerleader for ultra-conservative movements and eventually a scapegoat for policies established by leaders from rural counties.

Simply put, Pat McCrory alienated people. He was a metaphorical parent who did not love each child best.

That, and he lacked the ability to communicate effectively. In fact, he lacked the ability to unite while taking a back seat and allowing others to further drive our populace apart.

Look at the miniscule number of vetoes that he issued in his term. Even as a means of stalling legislation to give an opportunity for clarity and debate, McCrory rushed to agreement on policies that he as a mayor of Charlotte would have never championed. That alone shows a lack of strength, a lack of standing up for people, a lack of standing up to others.

Look at his compliance with the Voter ID law. The entire country was witness to its reversal as it was described as one of the most alienating pieces of legislature by the court system. That alienated poor rural voters, especially African-Americans.

Look at his bragging about a “Carolina Comeback” when almost a quarter of our public school students still live in poverty. That alienates those who really needed a comeback.

Look at his appointment of Margaret Spellings as president of the UNC system. That alienated younger students who will be leaders of tomorrow’s citizenry.

Look at his treatment of teachers and traditional public schools. Using electioneering tactics to tout his “pro-education” agenda, McCrory in truth alienated public school teachers and staff, parents of students in underfunded schools, and advocates for the public school system because he was not helping to curb the privatization movement.

Look at his giving cookies to protesters as a passive aggressive means of not acknowledging grievances against state actions. That alienated those who were peacefully looking for ways to create discourse and debate.

And now look at his inability to talk to his own hometown about toll roads and holding special sessions to overturn local ordinances.

And in a last stroke of self-defeating genius, McCrory alienated those who simply asked for an explanation.

Look at all of the times he skirted questions from the media about HB2. Look at all of the times that he had a “town-hall” meeting only to field softball questions pre-prepared to be non-confrontational. House Bill 2 is egregious. It is discriminatory. It is indefensible. It is unenforceable. And he did not confront his own lack of an explanation.

Look at all of the times that he went to Charlotte to explain why he defends HB2. Actually, there were no times.

In truth, McCrory showed no spine. No backbone. No foundation. And without a spine, one becomes floppy and easily managed.

Below is a map of the y counties voted in the 2016 gubernatorial race.


Now look at a map where all of the UNC campuses reside.


The only university campus that is not in a blue county is UNC-Pembroke, which was surrounded by three blue counties.

For a governor who has claimed to make it easier for students to go to college, this information is an indictment of sorts. The very people McCrory has claimed to help, he really didn’t. And on top of that, he never really communicated with them. He didn’t acknowledge them.

If anything is to be learned by Pat McCrory from Nov. 8th’s results it is that actions speak, but lack of action speaks loudly.

And silence screams.

That’s why McCrory is losing this election.