North Carolina, We Made The Top 25 False Beliefs, Urban Myths, and Debunked Claims List!

  1. The world is flat.
  2. The Earth is the center of the universe.
  3. She turned me into a newt.
  4. Deoxygenated blood is blue.
  5. Gum takes seven years to digest.
  6. Bulls go mad at the sight of red.
  7. Water flows down toilets in a different direction in South America.
  8. Don’t swim for an hour after eating.
  9. Eating raw cookie dough gives you worms.
  10. Left-handed people are of the devil.
  11. Alchemy.
  12. The Four Humours.
  13. The Earth is only 4-5 thousand years old.
  14. Humans use only 10% of their brains.
  15. You should piss on a jellyfish sting to relieve pain.
  16. Twinkies have a shelf life of 15 years.
  17. Tupac is alive.
  18. The devil tempts teenagers when records are played backwards.
  19. Red headed people have no souls.
  20. Conversion Therapy.
  21. Obama is a Muslim.
  22. Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen.
  23. There are large gators in our sewers.
  24. Someone else wrote Shakespeare’s plays.
  25. Gov. Pat McCrory’s claims that there is rampant voter fraud that caused him to lose the 2016 gubernatorial election.