Merry Christmas And Happy Coup Year From The North Carolina General Assembly GOP

Merry Christmas!” from the GOP constituency of the North Carolina General Assembly.

In the spirit of giving, they have reminded all of us that the most precious gifts are the ones you give to yourself at the expense of others especially during the holiday season.


Besides nothing is more American than Christmas, except maybe backhanded politics.

And the actions of the General Assembly in convening a fourth special session to introduce 20+ new bills without any transparency in time for the new year is the perfect marriage of such American traditions and the celebration of the birth of our Lord.

Of course reducing the number of jobs the governor can appoint by 80% is far more important than giving aid to victims of Hurricane Matthew and the deliberately set wildfires in the western part of the state. That’s why it was saved for the last special session. It’s the one closest to Christmas!

Of course they need to limit the powers of the new governor before he actually takes control of the governor’s mansion because the next governor is not like the outgoing governor who chose to just be a rubber stamp for the GOP establishment in the General Assembly. For a governor to have his own spine and use backbone would go against recent tradition, and Christmas is all about tradition!

Of course they need to change how the state and local boards of elections are appointed because they don’t want to have another situation where an election cannot be altered when the will of the people goes against the plans of the party in power. That would be like blackmailing Santa to bring you everything you asked for despite whether you were good or bad this past year.

Of course they need to give more control of the state’s public schools to the new state superintendent. Allowing him to be able to name members to the Charter School Advisory Board which takes money from traditional public schools, allowing him to oversee more of the state’s charter school growth, giving him control over the ASD district, and giving him staffing powers in the department of Public Instruction is the perfect way to celebrate the season of giving. What better way of celebrating the coming of the infant Christ than giving presents to an infant in education?

  • Think of it as rewarding themselves for helping others help them.
  • Think of it as being letting them be their own Santa Claus.
  • Think of it as using your money to buy gifts for themselves without your consent.
  • Think of it as learning that the best gifts are not the ones that are given selflessly to others in need but are the ones you selfishly take just because you don’t want others to have them.

There is no better time than the holiday season to give the very best to the ones that you love most, us!.