To Be An Atlanta Falcons Fan And Understanding Scrat the Squirrel

If you are a fan of the Ice Age movies, you know that the endless quest for the acorn carries Scrat through all five movies.

He almost gets it, and then it’s gone. An unforeseen force that foils him right at the very end.

And you say that it’s just a movie. Yet, if you are an Atlanta Falcons fan, it’s reality.

I am sure there are many bandwagon fans that rooted for the Falcons in this Super Bowl, but as a lifelong Falcon fan, this is another gut punch in my flabby abs.

To be an Atlanta Falcon fan is to know how to snatch victory from the jaws of victory.

I grew up watching Steve Bartkowski, Tim Mazzetti, Buddy Curry, and the two Alfreds sometimes move the football.

I have see William Andrews plow over people.

I lived through the Jerry Glanville days with Jeff George throwing to the other. I know what it is like to have Deion Sanders be one of your top scorers and not have played a down of offense.

I watched the Falcons lose in 1998 after Eugene Robinson was arrested for extra-curricular activity.

I watched Michael Vick get the richest contract in the NFL only to get caught running a dog-fighting ring.

I felt bad that Tony Gonzalez did not get  Super Bowl ring when the Falcons blew a large lead to San Fran a few years back.

And now this.

To be a Braves, Hawks, and Falcons fan is not easy. All of those chances and only one championship to show for it.

But I am not changing allegiance. I still have my jersey. I still will pull for the birds.

And it’s just more reason to hate the Patriots even more.