My 21st “Enchantment Under the Sea” Dance – Prom 2017

That’s right.

I am going to the prom. It’ my 21st.

With a beautiful date who happens to be my wife.

And I am not nervous.

Done this before.

I will look sharp and my wife will look stunning as she always does. Like these dapper looking kids here in an image from Back to the Future.

back-to-the-future-enchantment-under-the-sea (1)

That is an actual “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance. And if you have never seen the movie, then stop being a cultural heathen and do it.

And I as roam the event center and its dance floor waving, talking, and making sure that dancing couples leave ample room for a large Jesus between them, I will be thinking primarily two different things.

First, they should let me have at least thirty minutes to take over the music show them what real dance music is, and I believe all of you middle-age, still young-at-heart “adults” know what I am talking about. All I need is the iPod shuffle that is on my lanyard I wear at work that the kids laugh at and that I treasure because within its steely confines resides a library of infinite memories, shallow lyrics, and references to long hair.

I used to have long hair.

Flowing. Shampoo companies followed me.

Maybe I would need a chiropractor as well because I would also have to get on the dancefloor and show these neophytes a move or two.

When the body grows older, but the mind says that you can – that’s the universal conflict that should be explored in literature.

Secondly, teaching high-schoolers is truly a remarkable avocation and you see that when you encounter students outside of the classroom. They still want to engage you in conversation, meet your family, or show you something about their lives other than an academic product.

Prom is one of those opportunities.

And yes, I will get my picture made.

With my beautiful date.

Who happens to be my wife.




Be safe everyone.