Rescue Animals Rule – Week One With Finn

“It’s been one week…” -Barenaked Ladies

About this time last week, we brought home Finn and the cats are still wary of the beast. 

But it’s getting better. 

His feet really are huge. He palmed a basketball the other day. 

His bark is deep like Lou Rawls and he has a growl that Barry White might like. 

He likes his walks. 

And he really wants to play with the cats. 

But this rescue dog needs some time to recuperate. He’s actually skin and bones. 80 pounds. Heart worm treatment and other parasites that are now being eradicated does take its toll. We also found out that he had either a broken femur or pelvis from an unknown incident, most likely hit by a car. 

And he’s soft. He likes meeting people. He likes to know where we are. He loves being rubbed on. 

He has deep brown eyes. One actually is lighter than the other. His “eyebrows” are expressive. 

In this first week he has shown that he wants to be a part of the herd. When he can’t see us but hear us he barks. I am thinking that it’s just the watchfulness of the breed. 

But Malcolm interacts with him. Talks to him. Calls him by name. He even shouted at him to be quiet one morning at 5AM. 

This will take a while. He is learning us as we are learning him. 

Yet he seems happy to see us when we come home. He lets us know when things seem out of sorts. 

He seems alright with Malcolm using his bed as a place to sit in the den. 

And he has that look of the nice dragon thing from The Neverending Story.