The Next NCGA Special Session Should be in an Elementary School Trailer



If you have not read Justin Parmenter’s op-ed in the News & Observer entitled “We need to upgrade our school buildings. The legislature blew it” then please do. It is on point as all of Parmenter’s commentary is.

He talked about the walking contradiction of the North Carolina General Assembly in not even considering placing the state-wide school bond to help replace crumbling school buildings throughout the state even with a class-size mandate still lurks for next year.

As reported by T. Keung Hui of the News & Observer this week:

North Carolina residents are likely to vote this fall on amendments to change the state constitution, but they won’t get a chance to decide on funding for school construction.

Calls for a $1.9 billion statewide school construction bond referendum were among the demands made by the 19,000 teachers who marched in Raleigh in May. Advocates for the school bond say the state needs to step up because aging schools are crumbling around North Carolina and some communities are too poor to pay for their school needs.

But instead of a school bond, legislators are debating what constitutional amendments to put on the fall ballot before they leave Raleigh next week. Proposed amendments cover such topics as requiring voters to show ID, capping the state’s income tax rate, ensuring crime victims’ rights and guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish(

Almost a fifth of the teaching force in the entire state came to Raleigh on May 16th demanding that the NCGA fully fund schools. That school bond issue was really a no-brainer. It simply would ask the North Carolina General Assembly to poll the state on whether it would want to fund a statewide school bond to help rebuild the infrastructure of the public school system, especially in areas that were most cash-strapped.

But the NCGA will not do that. Maybe the next session in which they convene they can meet in a bunch of school trailers.

Like a bunch of our students do.

Every school day.