A Thank You to Bill Cobey, Chairman of the NC State Board of Education

Yesterday, Bill Cobey submitted his resignation as the the chairman of the NC SBOE effective in September. Earlier he had said that he would not seek another term past next spring.

A former Congressman and state chair for the Republican Party, Cobey has been in the middle of the struggle between the state board and State Superintendent Mark Johnson over control of the state’s pubic school system even to the point that he sued Johnson (and those who sought to grab power) over the course of many months.

And I thank him for leading that fight which really is not over yet.


Of all of the stories and news reports that covered the contentious relationship that Johnson forged with the state board, not once did Cobey present himself as a man who was more loyal to party than he was to public schools. He truly showed why he was a great public servant.

Cobey’s principles never took a back seat to his personality or partisan affiliation in his fight to preserve the checks and balances of power over public schools; he did what he saw was best for students. He handled himself with grace and dignity, two attributes that are sorely lacking in Raleigh.

And in that sense, he did what great teachers do on a regular basis – lead with actions.

Mark Johnson could learn so much from Bill Cobey.

Thank you, Mr. Cobey.