Remember Tax-Free Weekend to Buy School Supplies? Me Too.

From 2002 until 2013, the first weekend in August was a tax-free weekend on school supplies and other items associated with the beginning of academic years for pre-schoolers all the way to college students.

In 2013, it disappeared. Rather it was taken away.

Today’s News & Record ran a story on the lack of a tax-free weekend here in North Carolina.

The three-day tax-free holiday was held the first weekend in August to give families a break on the cost of clothing, shoes, sports gear, computers, school supplies and other items. Teachers also used the tax-free weekend to buy supplies for their classrooms.

Many retailers said the sales tax-free weekend was their second-biggest shopping weekend of the year, behind Black Friday (

But it was taken away. For reasons you could probably guess.

Julie von Haefen, who is running against Nelson Dollar in Wake County for a seat in the state legislature representing Wake County, might have said it best.


Nelson Dollar has been one of the chief budget writers for the past few biannual budgets.

Ironically, the state directly to the north of us and the state directly to the south of us both still have tax-free weekends.


Yet, the tax-free weekend that once was a reality has disappeared in a state where prices have gone up but investment in materials and supplies on the part of the state has gone down.

Remember to vote in November.