Malcolm is Ready for Titan Athletics – The Village Opens This Week

Classes may not start for another couple of weeks and teachers will be in classrooms for pre-planning beginning Thursday, but…

the Village is open.

Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Women’s Tennis. Field Hockey. Cross-Country. Women’s Golf. Cheerleading. Dance Team.

The summer camps. The scrimmages. The workouts. The practices.

Now go out and support them. All of them. And I mean that for all public schools because athletics are part of the very fabric that keeps schools and surrounding communities together.

All of the money that buys admission tickets, concessions, and raffle tickets goes right back into the schools to help students and athletes get better at what they do.

And buy some of the spirit wear.

This kid is ready to be on the sidelines. Wears a Titan shirt most every day.

See you at the games.