We Lost a Titan Today – Remembering Coach Mark Kinney

We lost a Titan today. A beloved coach, mentor to young men, and vibrant member of our community.


There are many realizations that I have come to understand as a high school teacher. One is that community involvement in a school is paramount to a school’s success. Another is that school athletics are a vital avenue to positively help build young people outside of academics.

A third is that a great coach on any level, but especially in high schools, is worth more than any accolade or supplement could ever hope to measure.

Mark Kinney personified all of those and more.

It is no secret that baseball has always been my favorite sport and one of the reasons is that it is the most patient sport I know of. There is no time expiring. Every team gets the same number of outs. A team can rally at any time.

And players are always in contact with the coaches. In fact, it is the only game in which the coaches literally are in uniform as well because the proximity of coaches and players. To play a game that is both mentally and physically infused requires coaching that is patient and meticulous.

It takes a special person to coach baseball. It takes a special person to positively mentor young men to become great people. It takes a special person to have an impact on the lives of so many.

Mark Kinney was that person.

If you are a member of the Titan family, please make sure to not only send thoughts and prayers, but help take care of those young men and coaches on the baseball team through actions. Let them know you care. Go see them play. Help their fundraisers (one is happening on January 12th). Support them however you can.

That’s what Coach Kinney would do.

3 thoughts on “We Lost a Titan Today – Remembering Coach Mark Kinney

  1. Very well said. Was a great guy always a big smile and hello to me at the field will miss him. God speed Mark


  2. Once a Titan, always a Titan. And the Titan family will support the baseball program in honor of Coach Kinney and the other incredible coach/mentors at West Forsyth. It sounds like Coach Kinney was much loved, well respected and will be greatly missed – so grateful for the young Titans who were able to play under his leadership. #TITANFAMILY


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