20 Reasons Why Public School Advocacy Worked in North Carolina in 2018 – Keep Doing It In 2019


  • May 16th.
  • Super-majorities Broken.
  • Incumbents Who Championed Privatization Movements Were Defeated.
  • National Coverage.
  • Higher Voter Turnout.
  • Innovative School District Shown to be Ineffective.
  • Lies About Funding Class Size Mandate Exposed.
  • Lots of Red Being Worn on Wednesdays.
  • Keeping Budget Process This Year From Going Through Nuclear Option.
  • Defeated Two Egregious Constitutional Amendments.
  • All of the Shakeups in Local School Boards.
  • State Board of Education Emboldened to Fight for Public Schools.
  • Young People Came Out to Vote and March.
  • Younger Teachers Are Getting Galvanized.
  • Mark Johnson Will Not Be As Enabled.
  • Tim Moore Already Talking About State School Bond.
  • Baseless Claims About “Reform” Being Widely Debunked.
  • Showing How Poverty Has Adverse Effects on Schools.
  • Pro-Public Education Governor Now Has More Power.
  • Lots of Students Seeing Their Teachers Stand Up For Them.



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