State Champions & Even Better People

I am biased toward my own school. Won’t deny that.

But hearing that four students from my school won individual state championships in the state indoor track meet makes me proud and not just because of the hard work and the effort put into a mentally tough and physically challenging sport culminated in being first in the state.

But because each of those young people is a great person.

One young lady scored 24 points in an away basketball game last night and then won in a different sport today. And she is one of the most positive, hardworking people you could ever want to meet.

Two of them are in my class this year handling college level material and improving their reading and writing skills by the day. Their attitude toward academics is a reflection of their dedication to their sport.

The other champion is one of the chief editors of a yearbook that last year received the highest honor a high school yearbook can receive in the state of North Carolina.

All four will go to college with athletic scholarships. But they won’t succeed because they are great athletes.

They have already succeeded because they are great individuals.

Congrats to them and those great coaches.

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