By Raleigh’s Definition, This Teacher Is Supposed To Go All Out For May 1

I went to to the May 16th, 2018 march and rally for public education in Raleigh. I will be going to the May 1st, 2019 march and rally.

For those axtions, I have been called a “communist democrat.” Been called a “union thug.” Been called a “loser.”

I will probably be called a lot more things by those who oppose the All Out for May 1st March and Rally in Raleigh.

But from what I gather from the very standards that define me and my job, what I will be doing on May 1st defines me as a teacher.

From Standard 1 of the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards:

Teachers advocate for schools and students.

Teachers advocate for positive change in policies and practices affecting student learning. They participate in the implementation of initiatives to improve the education of students. Teachers should:
• Advocate for positive change in policies and practices affecting student learning; and
• Participate in the implementation of initiatives to improve education.


And from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards who have five “Core Propositions.” NC has more NBCT’s than any other state.

Accomplished teachers reach beyond the boundaries of their individual classrooms to engage wider communities of learning. 

They connect with local, state, national, and global groups in person or via technology to take advantage of a broad range of professional knowledge and expertise. Accomplished educators draw on those resources when instructing their students and participating in duties that contribute significantly to the quality of schools and student learning. Those duties address two areas of responsibility: collaboration with other professionals to improve the effectiveness of schools, and partnership with families and other stakeholders to promote the education of children and young adults.



So, maybe I am a “loser communistic democratic teacher thug” to those who do not agree with me.

My students and peers call me a nationally certified teacher doing his job.