This is How Scared the NCGA is Of Teachers – May 1st Is Already Working

In the new House Education budget released today, there is this provision:


Simply put, this is to make it harder for teachers to again come together like we did last May 16th and this coming May 1st.

Think now that we don’t have power and that our collective voice do not carry incredible amounts of weight?

It does. So much that the NCGA is finding ways of not having to deal with us such as this certain provision in the budget.

This type of action could easily be avoided if the NCGA fully funded schools, had the guts to listen to people who disagree with them, or gave collective bargaining rights to public employees.

But in reality what this shows is that last May 16th and this May 1st scare the ever living s**t out of Berger and company and that one of the very things we helped to win for schools last year was breaking a supermajority that cannot simply overcome a veto.

A veto from a pro-public education governor.