Being Appreciated By Mark Johnson?

“May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation week, and I ask all North Carolinians to join me in thanking our hard-working educators. We are fortunate to have them.

As state superintendent of North Carolina’s K-12 public schools, I believe that every student should be able to go to school, work hard, and reach their American Dream. And if we want all students to succeed, we must have great teachers and school leaders.” 

– Mark Johnson, May 6, 2019

It is Teacher Appreciation Week and like last year State Superintendent Mark Johnson has written a glossy, rose-colored portrayal of how North Carolina has treated its teachers in the two years of his tenure.

His use of statistics is always to be taken with suspicion, and this post is not to try and debunk numbers that have already been given a clearer perspective or simply unspun. What really stands out in this op-ed only five days after the May 1st march and rally in Raleigh is this one line:

“Teaching is a great profession to get into in North Carolina, and we need to encourage young people to consider it as a career path.”

If teaching is such a great profession to get into here in NC, especially during the time that Johnson has been in office, then why did these two events happen?

From 2018:


From 2019:


Photo: Andrew Dye from Winston-Salem Journal

But there is only one other person who can make this teacher feel about as “appreciated” as Mark Johnson.