Put This On A Glossy Flier: “Average teacher salaries in more than 80 percent of North Carolina’s school districts fall below the reported statewide average teacher salary of $53,975.”

“Does Teaching Offer Career Growth?” According to Mark Johnson’s flier it does.


It states in the blue field above that the average NC teacher makes “over $53,000 a year” and that “the median teacher salary is now more than the median salary of someone with a 4-year college degree in NC.”

Maybe Johnson needs to read the Public School Forum of North Carolina’s recent report on average teacher salary in NC.

It should be mandatory reading for any public school employee, lawmaker, and public school advocate.

It should be especially mandatory for every lawmaker who has any influence over educational policy and mandates.

A .pdf of the report can be found here.

And in reference to the flier that Johnson is floating out to students through our schools, it would be nice for Johnson to explain his printed claims in the context of what the Public School Forum of NC reports – specifically these two  data graphs.


Might explain why our state superintendent only spent a little less than two calendar years in an actual classroom.