Does Anybody Know Who the ISD Superintendent is Right Now? Can’t Seem to Find One.

First, it might help to read this morning’s post from Tales of An Educated Debutante. It is written by an anonymous person in DPI with knowledge of what is happening.

There is a reference to the office of the ISD superintendent among other things.

The Innovative School District here in North Carolina was formed well over two years ago. To this date, it only includes one school. Southside-Ashpole Elementary School in Robeson County was selected by the state to be the first school (and currently only school) in the Innovative School District back before the end of the last school year.

The first superintendent of the ISD was Dr. Eric Hall, who became the Deputy Superintendent of INNOVATION in Raleigh having been “promoted” in a coup of control by State Superintendent Mark Johnson through HB17 and an extended lawsuit. He left the ISD job in Sept. of 2018. He left the office of Dept. Supt. in March of 2019 to take a similar job in his home state of Florida.

LaTeesa Allen then became the second superintendent of the one-school ISD in Sept. of 2018.


That’s the press release from her hiring last year.

If one does a search for “LaTeesa Allen ISD Superintendent,” then the first Google result goes to this page.


But, there is no LaTeesa Allen on this page. In fact, there is no one named as the superintendent of the ISD.

If one goes to the LinkedIn account of Allen (nonmember viewing), then this appears:


And that’s a little weird considering that it does not name her as the superintendent of the ISD, but the interim Deputy State Superintendent of Innovation. A person was hired to fill that post back in March, the same month that Dr. Hall left for Florida.


Granted, he was not to start the job until June and it makes sense that Allen would have fulfilled that duty in the three-month overlap. But wouldn’t Allen have changed that title on LinkedIn? And wouldn’t she have had “ISD Super” on there as well?

So, go back to the original question in the title of this post.

Who is the current ISD superintendent for the one-school district that is being managed by an out-of-state charter school chain?

5 thoughts on “Does Anybody Know Who the ISD Superintendent is Right Now? Can’t Seem to Find One.

  1. Stu, thanks for all you are doing to shed light on the issues in NC education. I enjoy reading your posts and am thrilled that students in CMS have you as their teacher. The examples you are setting by being an education advocate and writer is such a wonderful thing to witness.

    I am a LinkedIn user so I took this screenshot of the ISD Supt’s profile for you. At a minimum, a person in this sort of role should know how to update their profile appropriately!

    On another note, as someone who came into teaching through a lateral entry (accelerated) process (not TFA) after 15 years in the banking industry, I continue to be in awe every day of the things that happen (or do not happen) in our educational system. I volunteered at my daughters’ school twice per week working with students for years. During that time, I listened to their teachers. I thought I “knew”. I did not.

    I’m still trying to figure out my next move to better support or drive the shifts needed but I have so much more to learn and do within the walls of the classrooms filled with the students I support. Until then, thank you for what you do!

    Misty Pelliciotta

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  2. I am so thankful to see the TRUTH about Mark Johnson and his so-called leadership team finally coming to light. NCDPI is being run like the mafia. People have to go along with his bs or get FIRED. He doesn’t care about his constituents. He could care less about students, educators and parents / families. This man is driven by three things: ego, money and power. We need change in 2020. We need an experienced educator back in this office in 2020. I support Dr. Jen Mangrum. I encourage you to check her out. Find out more about her by clicking on the following link:


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