The ISD of NC – Where Leadership Turnover is the “Innovation”

A couple of days ago, the blog posted that there was no longer an acting superintendent of the Innovative School District (ISD).


Whether LaTeesa Allen resigned or was relieved is still a matter of discovery, but it has been verified that she is no longer at the helm of the ISD.

And then yesterday as reported by The Robesonian in Robeson County:

ROWLAND — Students at Southside-Ashpole Elementary School, the state’s first member of the Innovative School District, will have a new principal in the coming academic year.

Bruce Major resigned that position effective Monday, according to Tony Helton, CEO of Achievement for All Children, which operates the school.


An “innovative” school district run by an out-of-state for-profit charter chain that has only one school will be getting its third superintendent and its second principal – after only one year in operation.