Can TeachNC Explain This To Prospective Teachers? How NC Devalues Veteran Teachers.

Can TeachNC and BESTNC explain this to prospective teachers?

Below is the proposed salary schedule just released this summer for 2019-2020 school year that is still in limbo because of budget cuts.


For the first 15 years of a career in NC, a teacher will receive a 1,000 raise for each year. It will go from $35,000 to $50,000.

In Years 16-20, a teacher will make $50,500 – each year. No raises within that time. And a $500 raise overall compared to Year 15.

In Years 21-24, a teacher will make $51,500 – each year. No raises within that time. That’s a $1,500 raise compared to Year 15 and a $1,000 raise compared to Year 20.

In Years 25+, a teacher will make $52,600 – for the rest of his/her career.

Granted, that schedule may change in the next year or years, but it proves one thing: this NCGA does not value veteran teachers.

Look at the salary schedule above just based on raises.


Now consider there is no longer longevity pay and that all teachers now coming into the profession in NC will be on an “A” certificate because of the removal of graduate pay.

And the consider this.


This NCGA budget proposal is a slap in the face of veteran teachers.

So does TeachNC and BESTNC want to call this a selling point?