My “Better Work Story” For TeachNC in One Picture

BEST NC recently sent out an email announcing the TeachNC initiative with links and information complete with some testimonial / advertisements.

TeachNC’s media campaign, “Teachers Have Better Work Stories,” highlights the ways in which teaching profession is challenging, fulfilling, and constantly evolving. These career qualities are particularly appealing to Millennials and Generation Z as they seek fulfilling professions.” – from

Under that text is a video for a public service announcement from Teach NC.


Right under that, TeachNC literally asks for more teachers to share their own “Better Work Stories.”

“TeachNC will also be curating Better Work Stories from real North Carolina teachers. To view the stories collected so far, click here. If you are a teacher or know of one who should share their Better Work Story, please share it here.”

Here is mine.

In one picture.

And it’s worth a million words.


Would be happy to share that “Better Work Story. ”