Six Claims Made By Mark Johnson Debunked With Eight Tweets

If you do not follow the work of Kris Nordstrom, then start now. He has been the best resource I have found on policy and finance laws that help shape and mold NC’s public education system.

In eight tweets he completely debunked many of the claims made by Mark Johnson on a recent episode of WRAL’s On the Record.

Claims concerning:

  • School Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Budget
  • Money Teachers Spend on Supplies
  • Teacher Salary
  • iPads



When the state superintendent makes claims about six issues concerning public education in North Carolina that can be easily debunked in eight tweets, then the state superintendent is either really bad at spinning the narrative or is completely stuck in an echo chamber.

Or both.

One thought on “Six Claims Made By Mark Johnson Debunked With Eight Tweets

  1. And the same old beat to nowhere goes on. A few select elitist capitalize from the sports programs, especially football, while teachers are literally force to assist, without as much a five dollar tip and a thank you card. While the claim is for increasing educational performance, and the same teachers are blamed for failing grades, and the students continue on in their lack of performance at 49 out of 50 states. Until penalties are levied onto the students for failing to meet standards, NOTHING for the better will ever change. The only true penalty that has proven itself to work segregation based on performance. Everything else is only socialist idealism, and pie in the sky dreaming, no matter what the NAACP wants to believe.


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