“Disappointed” About iStation? This Teacher Has Been Disappointed For A While

Something happened with the iStation situation and Mark Johnson is “disappointed.”

From an N&O report tonight which detailed the Department of Information Technology’s decision to grant Amplify a temporary stay against the roll-out of iStation in schools:

Johnson said in a statement Tuesday night that he is “disappointed” in the temporary stay.

“It sows unnecessary confusion for our educators just as the school year starts but am confident that the decision the State Board (of Education) and I made in support of a positive change will stand,” Johnson said.

Not that there has not been a lot of confusion about what Johnson has been doing these last couple of years with a lawsuit against him brought on by the same SBE he is referring to or the iPAds or the “reduction” in testing or the audit to find overspending that told him that DPI was actually underfunded.

No confusion at all.

But with the temporary stay will we as North Carolinians be spared all of those emails from iStation?

And social media posts that pop up in Facebook accounts?


That would be “disappointing.”

Not really.

But it does possibly make yesterday’s odd email from Johnson seem a little more understandable. If Johnson had known about the DIT’s decision before it was released, then his email may have been an attempt to quell the effect to a certain extent.

Or not.