The State Superintendent Just Sent An Email About Preparing For Hurricanes – Here’s What He Can Do To Prepare

As Hurricane Dorian moves through the Bahamas toward the southeast coast of the US, Mark Johnson sent an email with a video link to help spread the word about and urge North Carolinians to prepare for severe weather.

Many North Carolianians have suffered through many hurricanes in the past few years and the effects those catastrophes can have on school students can be massive and long to heal.


And it begs this teacher to ask if Johnson has done what he can to help our students prepare for another possible event.

Has he lobbied for the General Assembly to negotiate on a budget so that we do not continue to fund a bigger school system with last year’s budget numbers without recurring funds in the mix? Storms do not wait on budgets.

Has Johnson been vocal in asking the state to not send everyone a small check because of the surplus, but rather reinvest it in our public services like schools which in many of the communities that might again be hit by a hurricane serve as a central foundation for those communities?

Has he helped champion flexible school calendar legislation that would better accommodate school systems that might deal with making sure that students and communities can recover without the threat of academic deadlines?

And these are not rhetorical questions.

They need answers.

Vocally given answers.

With actions to back them.