Rep. Tim Moore Is REALLY Scared Of Public School Teachers


Nothing like having your own spokesperson who can deliver your “spun” take on a situation in such a way that it shields you from actually having to answer real questions and confront true criticism.

I would expect nothing “moore” from a man who hides behind constructed machinations the likes of which are not seen in any other state. He is a man who is only enabled by the unconstitutional supports of prejudiced policies.

That’s how weak he really is on his own.

He attacks NCAE and it’s “limited” membership in a state that makes collectivebargaining for state employees illegal. The ban itself was established in the Jim Crow-era. It literally is the last holdover as far as those laws are concerned. And NC is one of seven states that makes collective bargaining illegal.

Image result for map of states with collective bargaining rights 2018

Eleven allow for them to be used. 32 require them to be used.

That’s right. NC is one of seven states that bans collective bargaining rights. And Tim Moore is attacking NCAE? That’s fear.

And that “represents 5% of teachers” part? That’s Moore’s way of trying to pit teachers against teachers. But it’s more than teachers. It’s about students and public schools. It’s about communities.  Besides, this looks like more than 5% of teachers:


It’s also funny to consider that Moore is enabled by some of the most extreme gerrymandering in the country because of how district lines were drawn based on racial disparities. Repeatedly.

Image result for north carolina racial gerrymandering maps 2019 general assembly

Moore “legislates” and condemns pro-public education groups openly, but stigmatizes the state’s public schools with the most egregious school performance grading system in the country.

16 states

Moore screams about opposition to a Voter ID law that was passed before it was completely written and then stopped by the courts until further litigation is done.

He screams about people wanting to expand Medicaid in a state whose citizens overwhelmingly support its expansion all while several other red states are expanding it.

He screams “expanding” federal entitlements when he is in a state that has the lowest corporate tax rates in the country.

Image result for lowest state corporate tax rates 2019

This is all coming from a guy who helps craft secret ALEC-inspired legislation through special sessions and passive-aggressive measures.

And he can’t even pass a budget.

So, the only thing Tim Moore can do is try to pit teachers against teachers. But he’s been doing that for years.

Because he’s scared of teachers.

















2 thoughts on “Rep. Tim Moore Is REALLY Scared Of Public School Teachers

  1. Not to mention that the only student from western NC on Mark Johnson’s advisory board is Tim Moore’s son who attends a charter school.

    Though I have talked with public school teachers who have taught his children, and even before he was speaker he was pretty dismissive and thought he was better than them.


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