Just Look At Craig Horn’s Campaign Finances – He Should Never Become State Superintendent

One only has to look at the voting record, listen to comments made, and investigate who is financing his campaign to know that Craig Horn should never become the state superintendent of North Carolina’s public schools.

A Charlotte Observer article this morning outlined the top donors for all candidates in the state superintendents primaries this coming week. The information concerning Horn was quite interesting.


Over 10K from SAS? The company that controls the secret algorithms of EVAAS and the company that drives our states school report card system?

UNC Board of Governors member? The same board that approved the Silent Sam deal and has eroded away the integrity of the state’s university system?

ART POPE? Just having that name associated with your campaign screams ALEC and Koch.

A simple investigation on Followthemoney.org gives insight into even more “investment” into Craig Horn’s campaigns – this one and past ones.


The Goodnights have given money to Horn through many campaigns. But look at the other two: Jonathan Hage and John Bryan.

Those two men are big charter-school promoters. In fact, Bryan was the man behind the contract behind the Innovative School District.

What is also interesting is to see to whom Horn’s election committee has given extra money. Yep, a campaign committee can do that. It shows your alliances and allegiances.

According to this report, Horn has contributed to these three in the past.


  • Bill Brawley is the man who wrote and sponsored the Municipal Charter School bill.
  • Rob Bryan brought us the Innovative School District.
  • Nelson Dollar was the GOP’s chief budget writer when more and more money was being taken from the public school system for other “reforms.”

Craig Horn will be a rubber stamp for the policies that have been plaguing public education here in North Carolina for the last nine years. He should not be elected.