If We Close Schools For Coronavirus, Then Eliminate Spring State Testing – Student Health Is The Most Important

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Schools will more than likely be shut down. Students and teachers who normally do not use a digital platform as the main avenue for class time will face a rather steep learning curve to accommodate online formats. Add to that the need for families and individuals to remain as safe and healthy as possible in what could be an uncomfortably prolonged amount of time.

If schools are forced to close down and conduct classes online, expecting a smooth transition and no lapse on teaching and learning is not realistic. And when we do reconvene in schools, there will be another adjustment to regain momentum.

Supposedly there is a fourteen-day period of “quarantine” for this virus. Add in Spring Break and hopefully people stay healthy and/or mend and heal over a three week period of time or longer if needed.

So here is an idea.

Anyone who works in public schools knows that the spring “testing” season is a long, exhausting, time-consuming process in which every student and every staff member is jumping through hoops so that students can be arbitrarily measured by standardized tests.

Why doesn’t this state just take a stand and in the case of having to close schools for a couple of weeks just eliminate state tests this semester. Allow teachers have that time if and when we come back to school to instruct students and give a teacher made exam on the last day of class.

What is more important? Keeping students healthy and safe or arbitrary test scores?

Oh, and every LEA should lobby the state to keep food services going for students who depend on schools for meals. And the money saved from not having to keep schools opened should be used to keep paying all of our hourly employees who make our schools function so well.