Dear NCGA, Call A “Special Session” And…

If teachers can teach students remotely through virtual means on a daily basis while still taking care of their own families and needs, then you could get a special session done.

And not one of these special sessions where a stupid grab for power bill like HB17 was passed when publicly it was announced that something else was going to be done.

Make sure that each item to be discussed is publicly released and that the agenda cannot be changed to accommodate any other items before they are vetted.

Make sure each vote is shown and that each lawmaker has a chance to validate his or her votes to ensure authenticity.

And put these on the agenda:

  • Cancel the NC Finals now that EOC’s and EOG’s are waived.
  • Eliminate the use of school performance grades for this year (and every year).
  • Guarantee income for our public school classified employees.
  • Medicaid expansion.

And all the items on this list compiled by teachers in advocacy of students, schools, and communities.