This Teacher Would Rather Miss Them For A Few More Weeks If It Means…

…that I can see them a lot more in the future.

It’s funny that a nation which is both the richest in the world and the one that supports STEM related educational paths to get more students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematical careers is having such a hard time getting enough masks, test kits, and resources to places to adequately gauge the epidemic.

But it is true. The call to close schools until May 15th (at least) is a painful pill to swallow.


My oldest child is a senior where I teach. There’s a lot that she will not experience in the traditional way. Prom is cancelled. Sporting events where she supports her close friends are cancelled. Actual graduation ceremonies will have to be reconsidered. College decisions may be altered.

She is somewhat isolated from her friends.

And it was the right call for Gov. Cooper to make. We know not what we are fully dealing with, and I for one would rather spend the time, energy, effort, and anxiety now than have it prolonged in the future with the probability of our having experienced more loss.

Somewhere in all of those discussions in which people try and verbalize what schools are really supposed to teach students is something about becoming good citizens in the world. Many might say that schools should prepare students to apply skills to tackle problems and real-world solutions.

Well, this situation has become one giant classroom for these students.

And I really want to see them healthy when it passes.

Whenever that is.