Why Did You Ever Run For State Superintendent? An Open Letter To Mark Johnson

Dear Mark Johnson,

You spent less than two calendar years in an actual classroom. You never finished your only “term” on a local school board. In fact, you began to run for another office in North Carolina while you were supposedly “running” DPI.

You walked into office with more power as a state superintendent through legislation from  special session meant to take away power from the State Board of Education. Then you spent tax payer money in a lawsuit that stalemated the state for almost 18 months.

You downsized DPI and reorganized it to funnel all activities through you leaving support positions unfilled that helped struggling LEA’s.

Your shouts for transparency  brought us iPads, an iStation procurement process that smelled of corruption and a recent state audit that shows an incompetence at handling money and funds never seen in the Department of Public Instruction.

You rallied at school choice conventions that were on actual school days, but never rallied with public school teachers and advocates when they came to Raleigh.

You claimed to be fighting the Deep State and elitist insiders but you never identified them.

You ate doughnuts and asked for people to give teachers beer, but you never really provided teachers and schools what they really needed – support.

You never fought for public schools in approaching the North Carolina General Assembly about their austere budgets, but you always had course words and a rotten attitude for the State Board of Education.

You spent more time making glossy flyers, sending emails, and Youtube videos that all “praised” your work than authentically engaging with teachers.

You have shown that you were never the person to be the state superintendent, so…

Why the hell did you run for this office in the first place?

NC DPI: State Superintendent of Public Instruction