Imagine The Scenario: Sen. Richard Burr As A High School Student

Think of a student who has been elected the president of the student body and is a student leader on the panel to investigate infractions of academic honor codes.

That student becomes privy to confidential information (answer keys, copies of the test) that would make his transcript look better in the eyes of the most selective colleges and put him in a situation that would guarantee him a full scholarship to a school of his choice.

That student also shares the information with close friends so that they can benefit from it in the same ways.

And when he is caught wants to have his case reviewed by a group of peers who look to him as someone who needs protecting because of his status in the school.

Meet Senator Richard Burr.

Would you as a school administrator look to have him expelled or severely punished?


Oh, and the unemployment rate just passed 14%. The worst since the Great Depression. That doesn’t even account for people who are underemployed. That means many of the students in Richard’s simulated graduating class will have a hard time even thinking about paying for college.